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Ecuador is inexpensive, no doubt about it.

Ecuador uses the United States Dollar as its currency. The cost of living in Ecuador is one of the least expensive in the world and your dollar will go further. The cost of gasoline is $1.48 - $2.29 (max) per gallon - one of the lowest in the world. A decent hotel room for two persons with private bath will generally cost about $20-40 a night and up and high end luxury hotels are plentiful in the country.  If you want to travel in luxury, it won't cost much.  You can also find hotels at $8 a night.  An Ecuadorian once said "A man in Ecuador with a hundred dollar bill, is a man with no money"  It is often difficult to find change for large bills here, so be sure to bring small bills and bring that jar of change sitting in your bedroom - it will be of great use here! gas_price_in_Ecuador
A 3-course plate lunch in a local restaurant in the street costs around $2.50.  Many small, local families do all their grocery shopping for the month for under $150-200.  (Of course, knowing how to shop, finding the deals, and shopping a lot in local markets).

We can help you plan your route, suggest sites and give recommendations for hotels and activities. Please let us know what you need!


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