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Self-Guided Motorcycle Tours






What is a self-guided motorcycle tour?

For our self-guided motorcycle tours, you'll select a motorcycle which has a GPS fitted. The route for each day of your tour is on the GPS and each night’saccommodation is pre-booked. There are no set dates so you can choose your own starting date. You can go on your own or with a group of friends. You pay an all-inclusive price for motorcycle rental, GPS routes and accommodations. So, all you need to do is show up and ride, safe in the knowledge that you will be travelling on the best motorcycling roads in Ecuador, staying in great, biker friendly accommodations and seeing some of the top sights and attractions that Ecuador has to offer.

Is a self-guided motorcycle tour right for you?


A self-guided motorcycle tour is just that - you will be acting as your own guide and taking the responsibilities that a profesional guide would take.  Our professional motorcycle guides are able to plan ahead and be able to have alternative plans in case things go wrong.   For example, you should be able to to change an inner tube or repair a flat tire.  You should be capable of finding an alternative route in case of a road closure (due to a landslide for example). This normally is very easy, but if you are not comfortable or you don’t enjoy reading a map, self-guided may not be for you. To really enjoy a self-guided trip, you’ll need to be flexible and have a sense of humor. So if you do miss a turn and have to backtrack or even ask a local for assistance, you’ll be okay doing so. And, remember - the most memorable trips always have a little unscripted adventure built into them. And if you should get a flat tire…don’t worry. Honestly, fixing a flat is nowhere near as challenging as most people think. We’ll provide you a complete flat repair kit, and Ecuador Freedom Bike Rental will review this and other basic bike maintenance at your orientation.

How to change a Motorcycle Inner Tube by Yourself When in Remote Areas of Ecuador from Ecuador Freedom Bike Rental on Vimeo.


In addition, some proficiency in Spanish is helpful. This doesn’t mean you have to speak Spanish fluently, just enough to be understood. So if a local villager or shopkeeper doesn’t speak your language, can you get by with what might be awkward phrasebook pronunciations and charades with a smile? If this causes you to panic, self-guided may not be for you. On the other hand, you’re sure to look back on these heartwarming and humorous experiences as one of the unexpected highlights of your trip.

A guided tour is better for you if you want the companionship and the additional security and support of a guide and a group and if you don't want to hassle with bike adjustments, fixing flats, etc.   Renting a bike and doing your own thing is good if you are able to put in the time to plan your route and to make hotel reservations in advance and you can deal well with things going not as planned!

Everything you need for adventure.  Biker tested. Biker Approved.

On self-guided motorcycle tours, we supply you with a dual-sport motorcycle equipped with a GPS containing pre-programmed daily routes, luggage, maps, accommodation vouchers, a pre-paid cell phone, tire repair kit, an emergency kit and a detailed guide book. You just hop on the bike and ride. We have done the work of riding the routes a few times, testing the accomodations and now you can be safe in the knowledge you are seeing the best sights, riding the best roads and staying in great, biker-firendly accomodations each night.

We've got your back with 24-hour nationwide support and assistance.

Even though you go alone (or with a group of friends), you have peace of mind knowing that Ecuador Freedom Bike Rental is only a phone call away. We will be there to help you in the case of a breakdown or any other unlikely event. We provide a pre-paid cell phone and a great selection of spare parts and tools to help make your trip go smoothly. In addition, we have a network of trusted mechanics and contacts throughout the country to help if something should go wrong during your trip.  You are never alone.

Tours to fit your schedule and interests.

Our guided tours are about seeing the best sights in Ecuador, staying in great places and enjoying other activities along the way -such as surfing, archeology, cuisine, museums and adventure sports. You go when you want, and stay on your own schedule.  Start and stop when and where you choose.

3 easy steps to book a self-guided motorcycle tour:

  1. Choose a tour.  View our selection of self-guided tours below. Click on the titles for more detailed information and itineraries.
  2. Choose the motorcycle and decide on a date and send us an email or give us a telephone call to check on availability. We will send you a quote and confirm whether we have availability for your dates.
  3. Confirm your trip by making a reservation deposit by responding to our request for payment via Paypal. You can do this easily using your credit card or bank account through the PayPal payment service.


Choose your tour:

Quito and the Middle of the World (1 day)

  Skip the crowded buses, unreliable taxi drivers and boring tour guides!  

Our self-guided tour of Quito will have you seeing all of the best sights in Quito at your own pace.  You will visit all of Quitos best sights such as the historic colonial center, calle de la Ronda, Plaza Grande, Guayasamin Museum, El Panecillo, El Teleferiqo, Guapulo and a whole lot more.  

Start and stop whenever you like. You will have 24 hours to see everything you want to see in this great UNESCO world heritage city.

For more information see our tour page.


Dirt Bike City Tour of Quito & Gua Gua Pichincha Volcano (1 day)


This is the most complete tour of Quito you can do and you will do it on your own.  We provide you with the dual-purpose (dirt/street) bike of your choice equipped with a pre-programmed GPS.   You just follow the GPS instructions as it takes you to the most amazing parts of Quito.  

The tour starts by taking you to the historic colonial centre of Quito, the world's first UNESCO world heritage site.  Then you will rise up to 15,000 feet in altitude, climbing a dirt road to the Gua Gua Pichincha Volcano for some mind-blowing views of the city.  Then you will ride to the middle of the world and visit the Intinan museum at the equator to play with the effects of gravity.  Then you will visit Quito's best art museum and Quito's offbeat artistic neighborhood of Guapulo.  

.The tour takes a minimum of about 5 hours but you can stop and start when you want.  You will have a full 24 hours to complete the tour.  There is no funner or more complete tour of Quito!

For more information, please see our tour page.


Chocolate and Cloudforest (1 day)

1-tamer_pic_on_ecoruta_del_quinde-001If you are looking for an absolutely amazing one-day ride that will astound you and leave you with a true appreciation and respect for the incredible bio-diversity and richness of culture that surrounds Quito, this tour is for you!

The tour starts by climbing the footholds of the active Pichincha volcano, giving you spectacular vistas of the city below.  It continues into beautiful farmlands and then deep into the cloudforests of Ecuador's Western Slopes. This is one of the world's most biodiverse areas.  With colorful toucans and hummingbirds and plentiful wildlife, you'll pass beautiful waterfalls, and unspoiled natural areas on a tranquil unpaved road with little traffic.

In the funky cloudforest town of Mindo, you'll have a chance to tour a chocolate factory and learn firsthand how organic cacao (cocoa) is grown, harvested and processed into chocolate.  

The return back to Quito is on one of South America's most exhilirating roads, which criss-crosses the Equator and passes the scenic Pululahua Crater.  You will have a chance to visit the Intinan Solar site on the Equator.

For more information, please see our tour page.


Northern Ecuador Discovery (2 days / 1 night)

otavaloThis tour will take you to some of the most spectacular and interesting sights in Ecuador in just two days.  This is a dual-sport adventure and this means you should be comfortable with riding large portions of unpaved roads.  It is not a very challenging or "technical" ride -but will get you into some remote areas.   The tour takes you through some of the most bio diverse and remote areas including the Rio Intag cloudforest, an area that is becoming known for its outstanding coffee.

The overnight is spent alongside the roaring Intag river in a cabin at the Nangulvi hot springs, where you can soak the road away in thermal pools at different temperatures.  

You will pass through several climatic zones and natural wildlife reserves including the Nono Biological Reserve, the  Intag Cloudforest Reserve, Peguche Waterfall Reserve, Cotocachi National Park, and the Mojanda Lake Reserve.  It is also a chance to learn about the Indigenous culture of Northern Ecuador.  You will have a chance to visit the leather market and artisans in Cotacachi and the textile and animal markets in Otavalo.   At the Intinan Solar Site, you will have a chance to experience firsthand the curious gravitational effects at the Equator.

Quilotoa Loop (2 days / 1 night)

Quilotoa_LakeAlthough gaining in popularity, the Quilotoa Loop is still a destination for travellers seeking adventure off the beaten track.  The Quilotoa Loop is one of Ecuador's most scenic routes.  The route takes you through small indigenous villages, spectacular mountain views, lush valleys and across roaring rivers.  Some portions of the route are unpaved, but not challenging for most riders.

The route will bring you to the spectacular Quilotoa Crater Lake, indigenous markets and give you insight into how native Ecuadorians have lived for centuries. Included is an overnight in a comfortable hostel popular with the locals and the President of Ecaudor.

For more information about this tour, please see the tour page.

Surf & Turf (3 days / 2 nights)

bike_in_CanoaOn this tour you wil ride some of the funnest, curviest roads in Ecuador and then hop on a surf board to ride some of the best surf on the Pacific coast.  In partnership with Betty Adventures, we provide you with everything you need for three great fun-filled days of adventure.  

It's a chance to swim in secluded lagoons, visit small fishing villages, ride through Ecuador's back country on remote country roads, and go surfing at one of the funnest towns in Ecuador. Don't worry if you have never surfed before, you will have an entire day to learn the sport from expereienced, patient instructors.

For more information about this tour, please see the tour page.

Avenue of Volcanoes, Quilotoa Loop & Amazon Tour (3 days/ 2 nights OR 4 days / 3 nights)

huskychimboIn this 3 or 4 day tour, you will get a good sense of the incredible variety of landscapes, climates and cultures that are available in the small country of Ecuador.   The tour takes you through two distinct regions of Ecuador - the Andes and the Amazon Basin.  You will ride through the astonishing "Avenue of Volcanoes", taking you past the highest active volcanoes in the world and to the spectacular Quilotoa Crater Lake and its distinct blue-green mineral waters.  Then, you will experience a ride through the Amazon jungle, packed with lush vegetation and ample opportunities for rafting, kayaking and hiking along the way.  

The route and accomodations have been carefully selected to provide not only safety, comfort, and great food, but also opportunities to experience other activities such as birdwatching, hiking, horseback riding, swimming, volcanic baths, rappelling, kayaking and cave exploration along the way.  The optional 4th day provides riders with an excursion in a motorized canoe at a hike with a native guide in the Amazon jungle to learn about the plant and animal life there.

For more information about this tour, please see our tour page.

OFFROAD Ecuador Excursion (4 days / 3 nights)

1-mark_and_jenThis tour is reserved for the truly adventurous -those who love to ride off-road -  way, way off the beaten track. The tour aims to avoid pavement as much as possible and will take the rider immediately out of Quito and onto some spectacular off-road riding and to parts of Ecuador that most people don't ever get the opportunity to see.

The route passes through a part of this world that time has forgotten, where farming is still done with ancient techniques and where people are surprised to see strangers come through their village.   It is a ride through incredible terrain, mountain passes and around crater lakes.

The Offroad Ecuador Excursion passes through several climactic zones and thus offers a chance to view native wildlife while gaining an intimate understanding of the incredible biodiversity found in Ecuador.

For more information about this tour, please see our tour page.

Cloudforests, Coast & Craters (7 days / 6 nights)

riding_on_the_coast_in_ManabiThis tour is a combination of our most popular tours and will take you on some of the best roads and to the best sights in Ecuador in just a week.   You will pass through several climatic zones, including the cloudforests, coastal savannah, beach, desert, and the rainforest on the eastern and western slopes.  

You will ride through some of the most bio-diverse parts of the world, seeing rural parts of Ecuador that few visitors get to see.  Experience warm sandy beaches and volcanic spring baths.  Plus a variety of foods and cuisines along the way!

For more information about this tour, please see our tour page.

Andes, Amazon & Pacific Coast (9 days / 8 nights)

waterfall_in_the_amazonThis self-guided adventure tour traverses three distinctive regions in Ecuador: the Pacific Coast, Andes Mountains, and Amazon jungle basin while passing through several climatic zones, including cloudforests, coastal savannah, beach, desert, rainforests on both the eastern and western slopes of the Andes, and the unique Amazon jungle.

This is an opportunity to experience several different cultures and varied ways of life from traditional coastal villages to those of indigenous people in the highlands and Amazon basin. The tour goes through some of the most bio-diverse regions in the world and parts of rural Ecuador that few visitors get to see. Activities include a special coffee and chocolate tour, the Inti-ñan Solar Museum, and an Amazon jungle hike with a native guide. The tour packs a lot into a very exciting week to create memories that will last for a lifetime.  With easy to follow pre-programmed GPS and a "Road Book" you will be sure to be riding the best roads in Ecuador and staying in carefully selected, biker friendly accomodations each night.  Just hop on the bike and ride!

For more information about this tour, please see our tour page.

Inca Roads (10 days / 9 nights)

1-_DSC7742On this exhilirating self-guided tour you will follow in the footsteps of the Inca and explore many of Ecuador's national parks and wildlife areas.  You'll experience Ecuador's mega-diversity of terrains, climates, and cultures as you ride through the Amazon Jungle and various altitudes of the Andes mountains.  You will have the opportunity to visit rich cultural areas such as the famous markets in Otavalo, the UNESCO World Heritage city of Cuenca, and the traditional vilages of Salinas de Guaranda and Alausi

For more information about this tour, please see our tour page.

Introduction to Ecuador (12 days / 11 nights)

1-chimborazoEcuador is one of the most geographically, culturally, and biologically diverse countries in the world.  Amazing landscapes encompassing rainforests,Andean mountain ranges, coastal ranges, deserts and tropical grasslands make this South American country a haven for astonishing wildlife, stunning panoramas as well as rich anthropological and cultural sites.

This tour will take you to all of the best that continental Ecuador has to offer on this absolutely unforgettable trip.

You will visit all of the major regions of continental Ecuador - the Andes, the Coast and the Amazon Basin.  You will have time to explore the major cities of Quito, Guayaquil, Loja, Manta, Esmeraldas and Cuenca, including many places declared "World Heritage Sites" by the United Nations.  You will experience the various cuisines and cultures of Ecuador such as the creole cuisine in Esmeraldas, fresh coffee from plantations in Loja, fresh chocolate from the cacao plantations near Guayaquil and Manta and the unique cheeses made in Salinas de Guaranda.

For more information about this tour, please see our tour page.