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No other country in the world offers more spectacular motorcycling and bicycling than Ecuador. The combination of terrain, scenery and suitable year-round weather has made Ecuador become synonymous with 'outdoor adventure.'

Only in Ecuador can you ride around the world's tallest active volcano, ride deep into the Amazon rainforest, surf tropical Pacific swells, visit ancient Incan ruins, and explore ancient cities - all in just a few days visit!

Its varied terrains and wide range of climates combine to make Ecuador one of Earth's few "megadiverse" countries.  Ecuador is made up of friendly people from many walks of life living in a safe, peaceful democracy with a stable government with the highest investment in infrastrcuture in the Americas. There are thousands of miles of newly paved roads, inexpensive gasoline and beautiful placces to stay. Its is an outstanding motorcycle destination for anyone that lvoes adventure.



Ecuador is the most bio-diverse country in the world (this means that in relation to its surface, Ecuador has more species of plants and animals than anywhere else on Earth). This is because Ecuador has a huge range of climates for such a small country.

In a few hours ride, you can see snow-covered volcanoes, high-altitude pine trees, rain forest, dry deserts and warm, sandy beaches.

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