Ecuadorians are honest and friendly people who are always ready to help tourists find their way around the country. You will feel welcome as a friend in the country and the people will make sure you find the "hidden" treasures within the country.

There are 13 distinct indigenous nationalities that live within Ecuador's borders, and each asserts its unique cultural identitiy. Some of them, especially in the Amazon Region, have had little contact with the "modern" world and maintain the Cosmo-visionary traditions of their ancestors.

Ecuadorians are very proud of their culture and passionate about their traditions and not shy about sharing them with tourists and visitors. UNESCO has designated several sites in Ecuador as World Cultural Heritage Sites, including the colonial cities of Quito and Cuenca. UNESCO has also recognized the traditions and language of the Zapatos' Nation.

Ecuador is home to a diverse population of people. Most of the people can trace their ancestry either to the indigenous people or to Europeans. There is also a blending of Afro-Ecudorians, descended from slaves transported to the Pacific coast. On your ride, you will experience different cultures, music, dress, traditions, foods and attitudes as you go from one region to the next. Entering a town or village on a motorbike will generally get a crowd of friendly and curious people around you.

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