Frequently Asked Questions - All FAQs

FAQs - All FAQs

You can pay for your motorcycle rental reservation deposit using our secure Ecuadorian online payments provider, Kushki -  or if you prefer - by making a wire transfer into our bank account in Ecuador (ask for the banking details).

You may the balance in our office using a credit card (MC, Visa, Amex) or cash.  We issue SRI-authorized receipts for all payments.

Yes, we do have several  jackets, riding pants, gloves, boots and rain gear for rent. However, we do find that most people bring their own gear so we are limited in the variety and sizes of the clothing that we have available for rent. We encourage you to bring your own gear when possible.  We have over 60 high-quality helmets in sizes XS to XXL that you can use.

You do not need to bring a GPS unit. We have the most comprehensive and most up-to-date GPS systems available for Ecuador.   We are active users and contributors to the Open Street Map project.  This means that we constantly monitor changes in route and update our GPS units frequently, providing you with the country's most accurate maps.  No other rental company in Ecuador has our expertise in GPS systems and mapping.

Yes. We are always happy to help you plan your route once you have made a guaranteed reservation. Please contact us when you need help with planning! 


We are delighted to provide you with recommended hotels and places to visit - ask!  


We do not electronically provide our Road Books and Daily Maps and Route Sheets, GPS tracks, or GPS routes.

Yes.  All of our motorcycles are equipped with luggage systems or saddlebags. For details, please see the motorcycle details under the "Rental" menu above.  The luggage that the motorcycle is equipped with or is provided with is listed in the tab marked "includes."

The easiest way, by far, is to take a taxi, which will cost $27 (fixed fare set by regulating authority).  It generally takes about 35-40 minutes to get to our location from the airport.

Be sure to take taxis ONLY from the official taxi queue, located just outside the doors on the arrival (lower) level of the airport.  

We have in the past considered providing taxi service, but the service provided at Quito's airport is among the best in the world (we have traveled extensively and we can't think of any airport that provides better taxi service than Quito).

There is never a wait for a taxi, and the taxis are safe, polite, friendly, and very well-regulated. If you have any special needs or would like us to arrange a large vehicle to meet you at the airport, please let us know, and we will be happy to make arrangements for you.

Yes, we have lockers available to store your luggage before, during or after your rental or tour. You may bring your own padlock.  We do not charge anything for this

NO! You can ride as many miles as you want.  

Our motorcycles are all late-model, from high-quality top manufacturers professionally and meticulously maintained with our own in-house crew of highly trained mechanics, so the chance of a breakdown is minimal.  

In the event of a breakdown, you would contact us using the provided pre-paid cell phone. We will walk you through a series of troubleshooting steps to see if we can fix the bike over the phone with our technical staff.  If not, we may either direct you to a local mechanic (we have a network of trusted mechanics throughout the country) or rush a replacement motorcycle to you so that you can continue your adventure without unreasonable delay. Please note that "Breakdowns" do not include events such as flat tires, leaving lights on and wearing down a battery, or running out of gas - which is out of our control.   With our large fleet of motorcycles, you can rest assured that a breakdown will not mean an end to your vacation, guaranteed.

Since Ecuador is located on the Equator, there are very little seasonal variations in the weather. The sun rises and sets at approximately the same times every day, throughout the year. Weather on the Equator is more regulated by elevation than by season. It’s always warm on the coast and in the lowlands, and it can be surprisingly cool in the highlands. It snows year-round in the mountains and can rain up to 500 cm (16.4 feet!) each year in parts of the Oriente. Ecuador is also the only place in the world where the equator passes through snow - on the shoulder of 18,996 foot (5,790m) Cayambe. The temperature in Ecuador varies by altitude and weather conditions. A cloudy day at 6,000 feet (1,800m) can be quite chilly, but down at 1,000 feet (300m) near Tena, it’s warm on rainy days. Normally it’s sunny for part of the day and rainy for part of the day, but an entire week of sun (or rain) is not uncommon. We’ve yet to find any meteorologists with accurate weather predictions for Ecuador!  Do not look at the weather forecasts on the internet!   They will say it is raining every day in Quito, even during times of severe drought and forest fires!  

General weather patterns are as such:

Mid-February - Mid May  - Rainier in the western highlands - dry and sunny  in the Eastern Highlands and Amazon Basin with blazing sunny days on the coast

June- January - The western Andes are generally sunny, with a rainy season in the Amazon basin June and July.  The coast is generally cloudy but relatively dry.


For even more information, please see this article.

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