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World of Wonder: Northern Peru Self-Guided Tour

10 days

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Hotels and Lodges

Tour Overview

Riders are provided a map and GPS navigation system with pre-programmed routes for each day, a comfortable hotel to aim for each night and plenty of time to experience different cultural, archeological and gastronomical stops along the way. South America Freedom provides a fully-equipped adventure motorcycle or 4x4, plus a "Road Book" with thorough, day-to-day information including descriptions of local highlights, history, and "hidden gems" that aren’t common knowledge. Participants will use this information to tailor their days' rides, including as much or as little as they like, all the while having 24-hour support through the provided local prepaid cell phone.

The ten-day World of Wonders of Northern Peru self-guided motorcycle tour in Northern Peru will take you across some of the most spectacular scenery of the Andes, the cloud forests, and the Pacific Coast. You’ll ride the high mountain passes and travel mind-blowing twisties cutting across the yet undiscovered regions of Peru brimming with a deep and complex history, uncovered mysteries of cultures that once lived here, and stunning UNESCO world heritage sites that can contend with the ancient cities of Egyptian kings.  This self-guided tour starts and ends at our office in Cajamarca, Peru.

At a glance

  • 10 days / 9 nights (day 1 is a riding day)
  • 2 Rest Days
  • Tour Starts: South America Freedom Office in Cajamarca, Peru
  • Tour Ends: South America Freedom Office in Cajamarca, Peru
  • The best motorcycling roads in Northern Peru
  • Fascinating archeological and cultural sites throughout the tour
  • HIgh-End Accommodations included   (single occupancy is standard at no extra charge)
  • Adventure-ready motorcycles with accessories for comfort and safety
  • Total Distance Covered: approximately 2,119 km / 1,317 miles
  • Total Elevation gain/loss 18,619 meters / 61,087 feet
  • Highest Altitude: 3700 meters / 12,142 feet
  • Lowest Altitude: 0 meters / 0 feet
  • 95% asphalt road / 5% dirt (approximate)
Click for Timeline Overview

Travel day to Cajamarca

Arrival in Cajamarca

Travel day to Cajamarca

Accommodations in Cajamarca: Not included.  We will provide you with a list of recommended hotels in Cajamarca near our shop in the Baños del Inca neighborhood near Cajamarca.  There are several flights every day to Cajamarca from Lima, the capital of Peru.  Many people like to have a day or two in Lima prior to the tour to visit the city on their own.  

Travel day to Cajamarca

1 or 2 days prior to the tour start date

Pre-Tour Registration

Ideally, you should arrive a day prior to departure to enjoy Cajamarca. Same day departures are also possible.  When you stop into our shop, we will process the paperwork so that you'll have an easier departure on Day 1.

Day 1

Cajamarca - Celendin

Distance: 120 km | 74 miles
Included Meals:  Lunch & Dinner
Activities: Necropolis of Otuzco, Hot Springs in Celendin, Hat Market
Accommodations:  Hotel Villa Madrid

Day 1

Day 2

Celendin - Leymebamba

Distance: 146 km  90 miles
Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Activities: Leymebamba Museum
Accommodations: Kentitambo Inn

Day 3

Leymebamba - Gocta

Distance: 191 km | 118 miles
Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Activities: Kuelap Ruins
Accommodations: Gocta Andes Lodge

Day 3

Day 4

Rest Day in Gocta

Distance: ?
Included Meals: Breakfast 
Activities: Hike to Gocta Waterfall, Visit to Chachapoyas, Museums
Accommodations: Gocta Amazon Lodge

Day 5

Gocta - Canchaque

Distance: 419 km | 260 miles
Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner 
Activities: Witch Doctor Market, Swimming
Accommodations: El Cafetal Lodge

Day 5

Day 6

Canchaque - Mancora

Distance: 330 km | 200 miles 
Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Activities: Ceramics Maker, Swimming, Surfing
Accommodations: Suites del Mar

Day 7

Rest Day in Mancora

Distance: ? km | ? miles (you may use the bike to explore on your own)
Included Meals: Breakfast 
Available Activities: Surfing, Paragliding, Kite Surfing, Swimming with the Tortoises, Deep Sea Fishing, Nightlife
Accommodations: Suites del Mar

Day 7

Day 8

Mancora - Tucume

Distance: 386 km | 240 miles 
Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Activities: Tucume Pyramids
Accommodations: Los Horcones de Tucume Lodge

Day 9

Tucume - Trujillo

Distance: 270 km | 168 miles 
Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Activities: Lambayeque, Museo Tumbas Real de Sipan, Chan Chan Ruins, Moche Pyramids
Accommodations: Moche Sanctuary Lodgeoche Sanctuary Lodge

Day 9

Day 10

Trujillo - Cajamarca

Distance: 301 Km /187 miles 
Included Meals: Breakfast and Lunch
Activities: Pacasmayo Visit, Kunturwasi Ruins

Return from Cajamarca

Return home

After returning to our office we will soak in our private hot spring-fed pool and relax in  "Freedom Riders' Lounge" - complete with a hot shower, library and honor bar before your flight home.

Return from Cajamarca

Route Map

Elevation Profile


Day 1 - Celendin

Elevation Profile - Day 1

Day 1

Cajamarca - Otuzco -Celendin 

Distance covered: 120 km / 74 miles on 97% paved roads 

You‘ll begin your Northern Peru: World of Wonders self-guided motorcycle tour at our Peruvian headquarters in Cajamarca, Peru. Cajamarca was once an ancient Inca city where Atahualpa, the last emperor of the Incas, made his stand against the Spanish conquest led by Francisco Pizarro in 1532. Known as the Peruvian capital of carnivals, Cajamarca hosts a colorful carnival in February, and the local people here are avid theatre and cinema-goers. The colonial Old Town of Cajamarca boasts lofty Baroque mansions, churches, and squares, and the local cuisine is nothing short of exceptional.

Cajamarca enjoys dry and sunny weather all year round, but the high elevation - 9,022 feet (2,750 meters) above sea level – means the nights can get chilly. We suggest that you arrive a day or two early to experience our magnificent city while getting acclimated to high elevation before beginning the tour. 

During the first morning of the tour, you’ll be outfitted with the adventure motorcycle of your choice and given a thorough orientation answering all questions concerning local customs, rules of the road, riding signals, Peruvian driver courtesies, and more. We will instruct you on how to operate your pre-programmed GPS navigation system and provide you with daily route sheets and maps that provide you with the important points of interest along the way. We will carefully review the route with you and provide you with instructions on how to contact us during the trip.

You’ll leave Cajamarca in the morning, heading for a small nearby village of Otuzco. Here, you can explore the Ventanillas of Otuzco – a network of ancient pre-Inca graves carved into a giant rock. This otherworldly complex resembles a large-scale hive and is an echo of a bygone era before the mighty Incas.

Past Otuzco, you will ride North-East towards Celendin, following a stunning mountain road taking you higher and deeper into the Andes. This scenic route will get you accustomed to the Peruvian roads and reveal breath-taking highland vistas along the way.

You will stop in Celendin for the night, enjoying a hearty dinner and a good night’s rest at the Villa Madrid Hotel right in the center of town. Celendin is an iconic Andean town known for its beautiful surroundings and its talented hat makers. Nearby, you can soak yourself at the hot spring mudbaths at Llanguat, just a few miles outside of town.

Day 2 - Leymebamba
Day 3 - Gocta
Day 4 - Rest Day in Gocta
Day 5 - Canchaque
Day 6 - Mancora
Day 7 - Rest Day in Mancora
Day 8 - Túcume
Day 9 - Trujillo
Day 10 - Cajamarca

What to Expect

This self-guided ten-day motorcycle adventure tour will start and end at our new offices located in Cajamarca, Peru.  We suggest arriving in Cajamarca a day or two early to enjoy the city and to get the paperwork out of the way so we can have a smooth start on Day 1.  Cajamarca is a one hour flight from the capital, Lima where many international flights arrive.

Before your departure (on the day prior or the morning of departure), you will be provided a detailed and thoughtful presentation on Peruvian rules of the road, customs and courtesies. You'll be instructed on how to operate your pre-programmed GPS unit and given a packet that includes your prepaid hotel vouchers and daily map sheets with points of interest, descriptions of local highlights information and "hidden gems" that aren't common knowledge.  You can use this information to tailor your day - including as much or as little as you like. The route will be reviewed with you in detail to provide you with additional useful information about the timing, suggestions for lunch stops and where to get gas along the way.  

On the morning of your departure, you will be provided the adventure motorcycle or 4x4 vehicle of your choice, fitted with a waterproof luggage system, a first aid kit, a tank bag if you want one, spare innertubes (or tire repair kit) and a set of tools. Besides, you will have a prepaid cell phone to call us for support at any time during your trip.  We will carefully review the bike (or 4x4) with you using our multi-point checklist to be sure that everything is in perfect working order before your departure and that you know what to do in case of an emergency or breakdown.

The route you will follow over the next ten days is based on several years' of experience and riding these routes many times on our guided version of the tour.  The journey is made of mostly paved roads with very little traffic.  There are several stops available which are marked on the GPS unit and the daily route sheets. It is up to you to decide if you want to check them out.

You will have many opportunities for amazing photos and stops in remote villages where visitors are infrequent. Locals are friendly and the areas visited are very safe with meager crime rates. 

During your ride, South America Freedom staff will monitor your daily progress using an onboard GPS satellite tracking system and can assist you by telephone if you need to change your route, need roadside assistance or help in any way.

Upon returning, you will have access to our honor bar, private hot spring-fed pool, hot shower and staff that can assist you with getting to your next destination.


Weather and Temperatures

Weather and temperature ranges in Northern Peru are generally the same year-round. In the highlands, you can expect the chance of passing showers but rarely a full day of rain. This ride will be in elevations between sea level (where temperatures can be around 90 degrees Fahrenheit) to 12,500 feet (where temperatures are in the 40-50's Fahrenheit). Dressing in layers is recommended. 


Throughout the tour, we will stay in mid to high end, unique, carefully selected hotels, lodges, and inns. We provide single occupancy accommodations as standard, so you have the privacy and comfort at the end of the day without having to pay an extra charge.  South America Freedom has the right to substitute accommodations of equal quality due to availability and will notify you of these changes.

Packing List and Preparation

South America Freedom will provide you with detailed information to prepare for the ride, including a packing list. No knowledge of Spanish is required - your Guide can speak English and Spanish fluently.  We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the archeological sites prior to departure and will provide a reading and video list prior to departure.

Accommodations on this Tour

Accommodations on this tour

Our accommodations are selected for their exceptional quality, location, and unique character. Below are the accommodations featured on this tour.

Video - How We Select Accommodations

Dates and Pricing


Self-Guided Wonders of Northern Peru
MotorcycleStandard Pricing
1 Room 1 Rider
Single Occupancy
1 Rider + 1 Pillion (or passenger) Sharing Room with Rider - Price for Passenger Discounted Price for 2nd Bike
Double Occupancy
Yamaha XT250
SWM Gran Milano 440
Suzuki DR650
Suzuki DR650 (LOWERED)
Suzuki V-Strom DL650XT
Suzuki V-Strom DL650XT (LOW)
Yamaha Ténéré XT660
Husqvarna 701 Enduro
Triumph Tiger 800XCx
Suzuki V-Strom 1000 ABS
Honda Africa Twin CRF1000
Honda Africa Twin CRF1000 DCT
Jeep Wrangler
Volkswagen Amarok 
Ford Ranger Diesel

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