Frequently Asked Questions - Guided Tours

FAQs - Guided Tours

There are a few fundamental reasons to ride on a tour with Ecuador Freedom Bike Rental:

• First and foremost, we are not like many tour companies that offer tours in countries all over the world - but are specialists in none. We are specialists in Ecuador. We know Ecuador, and we live here. We don't ship bikes in from a foreign country and then bring in a foreign guide who is not familiar with local customs and roads and then try to show you around as best as possible while taking all the profits out of the country. No! No! No! We know this country intimately, and we love to share our knowledge and experience of riding here. We have contacts around the country that can help in an emergency and make things right. This means you will always get an "insiders view of the country."  Nobody has more experience than us in providing motorcycle tours of Ecuador than Ecuador Freedom Bike Rental.  Nobody.   

• We only use our own motorcycles and perform the maintenance on them ourselves.  Our computerized, pro-active maintenance schedule means that you'll be riding a bike that will not break down, guaranteed.  Our large fleet of motorcycles means that should a breakdown occur; we will easily and efficiently replace the motorcycle.  Other companies borrow or rent motorcycles from other companies and don't know their history or reliability.

• When we say "all-inclusive," we mean it! Many other companies will say they offer "all-inclusive" tours but don't cover things like meals, gasoline, and entrance fees. These little charges can add up, and the tour costs a lot more than you thought it would. We include meals, gasoline, entrance fees, great first-class single occupancy accommodations, and more. We don't think it's right to tell you it's "all-inclusive" and then have you pulling your wallet out left and right. The only thing you will have to pay for is for your personal items you want to purchase along the way (souvenirs, etc.) and alcoholic drinks (we don't think it would be such a good idea to offer unlimited, free alcohol on a motorcycle tour!).

• All of our tours are run with a guaranteed departure policy.  This means that you can go ahead and book your flight and save on airfare when you sign up for one of our tours.   We will not contact you 30 days before the trip to tell you it is canceled because we did not sign enough people up for the tour, as most motorcycle tour operators can do.  We don't think that is fair.    We want you to be able to plan your trip and be sure you are going!

• Our goal is to get you immersed in the landscapes and the cultures of Ecuador.  We make many stops to visit our friends around the country after so many years in business.  We are a 100% Ecuadorian company run by a French / American management team involved in the community and giving back.

• We are a small company and working hard to get established with a good reputation.  We have won the "Certificate of Excellence" from TripAdvisor.com year after year.  We want to generate business by word of mouth, and this means we make sure that you are delighted with your trip. This also means that your tour groups will be small, usually up to 5 or 6 other riders only. Any more riders than that make it too complicated - when filling up with gas, checking into hotels, etc.   No other tour company rates better with real reviews than Ecuador Freedom Bike Rental.

• We provide accommodations that have been carefully chosen and provide single occupancy accommodations are standard. We know that after spending a great day of riding with your companions, you may not necessarily want to sleep with them! We provide you with your own hotel room so you can have some relaxing, personal downtime. Most tour companies do not offer this, or if they do, they charge a hefty fee for it.  We include this for FREE. 

• We are very open and transparent about our tours. Our web page has very detailed daily itineraries and routes provided.  We also provide links to the top-notch accommodations we use on each tour.  Other companies keep this a secret for a reason!

• We have great routes that have been tried and tested yet still take you off the beaten track. We know you are looking for great riding - and we know that taking the time to "smell the roses" is also what makes a motorcycle tour special. Our tours offer great riding and adequate rest breaks, and fantastic opportunities during the days off from riding so that you can enjoy other activities, meet the people, learn about the cultures here and relax and enjoy Ecuador!

• We have the widest selection of tours available in Ecuador, including off-road, dual-sport, and fully paved tours.   We can also create a custom tour for you and your group of friends. Over several years in business, we have developed our database of little-known routes and gems in the country to combine to make the perfect, custom-tailored tour you are looking for!

• It may appear that our tours may have short riding distances.  Do not be fooled!   In Ecuador, it takes about 2-3 times to ride the same distance as you would in other countries.  The reason is, unlike other tour companies, we do not use the main highways.   Since we know all the best backroads after so many years in business, we will take you on a carefully designed route.  The route gives us time to stop and see things and meet people along the way and, above all, to ride SAFELY.  Riding at night is what we avoid - which is why you will see us making sure our routes are carefully designed with the proper distances each day.

We are the longest-running and most experienced motorcycle tour operation in Ecuador and one of the Americas' most experienced.  In this business, experience and knowledge are everything, and that is what we love to share with our customers.


The price of our guided motorcycle tours is very comprehensive. They include single occupancy hotel rooms, gas, meals, experienced tour guide, fuel, entrance fees to parks and museums, and accommodations (generally 3-4 star hotels or boutique B&B accommodations). The only things not included are snacks, alcoholic drinks, and personal souvenir-type items that you may buy during the trip. 

You will see a list of what is included and not included for each tour on each tour page. 

All of our tours begin and end on at our offices in Quito.  Our office is located in the safest and most modern part of the city with easy access to the major arteries in all directions.  Leaving our offices involves very little city riding and minimal traffic, thanks to our convenient office location.

Yes. We can arrange a tour at any time of the year, with advanced notice. Please contact us if you would like to set up a tour for a date not listed on our web site.  Private tours for your group that are closed to the public may also be arranged.  Just let us know what you are dreaming about, and we can make it happen!

Yes! If you want to share a room with the person you are traveling with, you will both get an automatic 10% off our guided tours when you book through our online reservations system.

We offer special prices if you sign up additional people to join certain tours. Please contact us for more information.

We make every effort to make sure things go as smoothly and as described in our tour descriptions. However as is everywhere, things can go wrong.  In addition, this is Latin America so things can be sometimes a little more difficult to resolve or organize. Additionally Ecuador has continuous problems with landslides and road closures that are out of our control and there is no national communication system to alert of road closures. We do not operate Disneyland where we can just strap you into the ride and you are guaranteed to come back smiling.  We do everything we can to that goal but it is not possible every time.   We just ask that if something goes wrong, that you help us resolve the problem by being calm, patient and undestanding. Our goal is to make things as fun as possible and we will do everything we can to achieve that goal!

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