Self-Guided Motorcycle Adventure Tours and Self-Drive 4x4 Tours

What is a self-guided motorcycle adventure tour?

A self-guided motorbike tour (or a "fly and ride" motorcycle adventure tour)  is a motorcycle rental (or 4x4 rental) combined with our local knowledge and years of planning experience.  For our self-guided motorcycle adventure tours and 4x4 self-drive tours, you'll select a motorcycle or 4x4 vehicle with a GPS mounted. The route for each day of your tour is on the GPS, and each night’s accommodation is included.  So, all you need to do is show up and ride, safe in the knowledge that you will be traveling on the best motorcycling roads in Ecuador, staying in great, biker-friendly accommodations, and seeing some of the top sights and attractions that Ecuador has to offer. 

There are no set dates so that you can choose your own starting date. Go on your own or with a group of friends. You pay an all-inclusive, tax-free price for the motorcycle rental, GPS routes, Road Book, selected meals, some activities, and accommodations. 

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Is a self-guided motorcycle tour or self-drive 4x4 tour right for you?

A self-guided motorcycle adventure tour is just that - you will be acting as your own guide and taking the responsibilities that a professional guide would take.  Our expert motorcycle guides can plan, resolve common problems on the road, and have alternatives if things go wrong.  For example, you should be able to change an inner tube or repair a flat tire.  You should know what to do if you leave your lights on and run down your battery (or better yet, know not to do that!). You should be capable of finding an alternative route in case of road closure (due to a landslide, for example). This is typically very easy, but if you are not comfortable or don’t enjoy reading a map, self-guided may not be for you.

To enjoy a self-guided trip, you’ll also need to be flexible and have a sense of humor. So if you do miss a turn and have to backtrack or even ask a local for assistance, you’ll be okay doing so. The most memorable trips always have a little unscripted adventure built into them.

Also, some proficiency in Spanish is helpful. This doesn’t mean you have to speak Spanish fluently, just enough to be understood. So if a local villager or shopkeeper doesn’t speak your language, can you get by with what might be awkward phrasebook pronunciations and charades with a smile? If this causes you to panic, self-guided may not be for you. On the other hand, you’re sure to look back on these heartwarming and humorous experiences as one of the unexpected highlights of your trip.

A guided tour is better for you if you want other riders' companionship and the knowledge and support of a guide, and if you don't want to hassle with bike adjustments, fixing flats, etc.   Renting a bike and doing your own thing is useful if you can put in the time to plan your route and make hotel reservations in advance, and you can deal well with things going not as intended!

Everything you need for adventure.  Biker tested. Biker approved.

On self-guided motorcycle adventure tours, we supply you with a dual-sport motorcycle (or 4x4 vehicle) equipped with a GPS containing pre-programmed daily routes plus luggage, maps, accommodation vouchers, a pre-paid cell phone, tire repair kit, an emergency kit, and a detailed "Road Book." You hop on the bike or jump in the vehicle and go! We have done the work of riding the routes several times, finding better ones, then re-testing them, and carefully selecting accommodations that add something special to the route.  With that work done, you can be safe in the knowledge you are seeing the best sights, riding the best roads, and staying in great, biker-friendly accommodations each night.

Our routes are based on several years of riding them on our own and as guides on our guided tours.  Programming a GPS in Ecuador is not very straightforward, and over the past more than a decade in business, we've learned all of the ins- and -outs.  The result is a flawless route that won't get you lost or confused.  You can't find this anywhere else.

We've got your back with 24-hour nationwide support and assistance.

Even though you go alone (or with a group of friends), you have peace of mind knowing that Ecuador Freedom Bike Rental is only a phone call away. We will be there to help you in the case of a breakdown or if you have some questions about a menu at a restaurant. We provide a pre-paid cell phone and a great selection of spare parts and tools to help make your trip go smoothly. Besides, we have a network of trusted mechanics and contacts throughout the country to help if something should go wrong during your trip.  You are never alone.  With our back-office tracking system, we monitor your progress and make sure you arrive each night safely.  Our large fleet (50+ motorcycles) means that we can guarantee that your trip continues should you have mechanical problems with your bike.

Tours to fit your schedule and interests.

Our self-guided motorbike adventure tours are about seeing the best sights in Ecuador, staying in great places, and enjoying other activities along the way -such as surfing, archeology, cuisine, museums, and adventure sports. You go when you want and stay on your schedule.  Start and stop when and where you choose.

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