Immersive Guided Motorcycle Tours

We have been guiding motorcycle tours in Ecuador since 2009. We've ridden thousands of miles and sourced the best for our motorcycle travelers in that time. All of this has been with one goal: To provide people with a deep and immersive experience beyond surface-level tourism.

On our guided motorbike tours, you will ride the best roads, see the must-sees, and get to know the incredible natural landscapes, archaeological ruins, wildlife, foods, and cultures that evoke a sense of awe. We connect our riders to local people and local cultures; we don’t just stare at them from a distance as we ride by. Our customers experience Ecuador intimately through conversations with locals and participating in what life is like in this land of diverse topography and peoples. We move people away from the common and into the more remote and obscure areas of South America, giving a glimpse into ways of life that have largely disappeared.

No one knows the roads in Ecuador quite as we do. We operate all year long and have done so for over thirteen years, which sets us apart from companies that only come around once or twice a year.   We're proud to be one of the most experienced motorcycle tour operators in South America.

Find the Perfect Motorcycle Tour

Motorcycle Tour Comparison Chart

Motorcycle Tour NameTour Length DaysDual Sport Tour?Paved PercentageDifficulty LevelRegionsGood for 2 up?Guided or Self-Guided Tour?Comfort LevelTour Category
Dirt Bike City Tour1yes70%8/10AndesNo.Self-GuidedN/AAdventure
Chocolate & Cloudforset1yes60%6/10AndesYes.Self-GuidedN/AAdventure
Quilotoa Loop2Optional80-100%4/10AndesYes.Self-Guided4/5Classic
Offroad Ecuador Excursion4Off Road20%8/10AndesNo.Both3/5Adventure
Ave Volcanoes, Quilotoa, Amazon4No.99%3/10Andes, AmazonYes.Self-Guided4/5Adventure
Offroad Ecuador ADVenture6Off Road25%8/10AndesNo.Both4/5Adventure
Dirt Deluxe630%7/10AndesNo.Both5/5Adventure
Cloudforest, Coast & Craters7Yes60-99%6/10Andes + PacificYes.Both3/5Adventure
Offroad Pacific Discovery7Off Road40%7/10Andes + PacificNo.Both4/5Adventure
Andes, Amazon & Pacific9No.99%3/10Andes, Amazon, PacificYesBoth4/5Classic
Inca Royal Roads10No.99%4/10Andes + AmazonYesBoth4/5Classic
Backroads of Ecuador10No.99%5/10Andes, Amazon + PacificYes, ExcellentBoth5/5Classic
High Andes, Deep Amazon10Yes35%8/10Andes, AmazonNo.Guided Only4/5Adventure
A Lap of Luxury11No.99%3/10Andes, Amazon + PacificYes - ExcellentSelf-Guided, Guide Optional6/5Luxury
Introduction to Ecuador12No.99%6/10Andes, Amazon & PacificYesBoth4/5Classic
Ecuaduro Enduro14Off Road30%8/10Andes, PacificNo.Self-Guided4/5Adventure


Classic Motorcycle Tours: These are tours that will take you to some unique places in Ecuador, mostly on main roads.  We will have some short hikes, visit with locals and eat in local eateries.  These tours are with riding days designed to have a relaxed pace.

Adventure Motorcycle Tours: Our Adventure Tours are ready to take you on one of the most thrilling experiences you will ever have. We can explore some of the most hidden gems in Ecuador together with these tours - places where only a few people dare to travel themselves.  However, this doesn't mean that you have to be an expert off-road rider - it just means we may push you outside of your comfort zone from time to time. These journeys are going to change your perspective on life - so prepare yourself properly before embarking upon this fantastic experience!

Luxury Motorcycle Tours:  When it comes to lodging and dining, they're even better than you would expect - all in the comfort of five-star luxury hotels whenever possible. What does this mean for you? A chance to explore new cultures without breaking out of your comfort zone! On top of that, with these smaller group sizes (6 max), you'll have ample opportunities to chat around campfires, meet some locals or even pick up a few words of the native language before heading back to bed at night...



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