Frequently Asked Questions - Self-Guided Tours

FAQs - Self-Guided Tours

Yes! For more information about our self-guided motorcycle tours, please see this page.

The concept of a self-guided motorcycle tour consists of us giving you one of our rental motorcycles that is equipped with a pre-programmed GPS unit. The route for the day or each day of the multi-day tour is on the GPS, and each night's accommodation is pre-booked and pre-paid (for our multiple day tours). There are no set dates so that you can choose your starting date. You can go alone or with a group of friends. You pay an all-inclusive price for the motorcycle rental, GPS routes, Road Book, select meals, and accommodations.

All you need to do is show up and ride, safe in the knowledge that you will be riding the best roads in Ecuador and staying at comfortable, safe, and biker-friendly accommodations while seeing the best parts of Ecuador!

For more information, please see this page.

The price of our self-guided GPS tours include motorcycle rental (everything that is included in our motorcycle rentals), GPS routes, daily route sheets (Road Book), detailed pre-ride briefing, and use of any riding gear from our ADV Closet as well as the activities, museums, tours, hotel accommodations and meals listed on the tour description page (see the "what's included" tab above the price list for the tour).

Not included are fuel, drinks, ferries, tolls, entrance to some tourist sites, traffic fines, tickets, damage to the rental motorcycle or any other personal expenses you may incur.

Some meals and activities are included with the self-guided tour  (please see the "what's included" tab above the price list for the specific tour for details ).  For example, dinners are generally included when the hotel is located in a remote area where there are no other options available.

No we do not provide a vehicle that will follow you to carry your luggage and assist you. We supply you with a luggage system for your personal affairs. If you have a breakdown our support and recovery vehicle is available 24 hours a day for roadside assistance. You are responsible for repairing flat tires with either the tire repair kits provided or with a "vulcanizador" which is a person who can fix a flat tire for $3 and located throughout Ecuador in almost every town and village.  We do have  4X4 trucks available for rent to go on our self-guided tours.

You are responsible for getting to your scheduled hotel on time.  Self-guided tours are provided for your convenience - we make the hotel reservations and payments for you but we do not guarantee that you will arrive on time. This is your responsibility as your own "guide." Our self-guided tours are just that - you must be the guide and must plan and understand the route before you go.  As with all of our customers, at our office, we monitor your progress each day with our onboard satellite tracking system.  If we see you are delayed - or if a road is closed -  you can just call us on the provided prepaid cell phone so that we can assist you in re-routing or other assistance you may need while on the road.  We've got your back; it's like having your own pit crew to help you have the perfect ride.    

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