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When you think of motorcycle tours, what sort of accommodations come to mind? Many riders imagine taking two wheels off the beaten path means “roughing it” far from the convenience of plush hotels, gourmet meals, or first-class amenities… Well, let us be the first to tell you: On our luxury motorcycle travel tours here in Ecuador, that’s just not the case.

In fact, you’ll find some of the most luxurious accommodations you’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing here in Ecuador, as well as experiences that extend far beyond the hotel rooms themselves.

In the article below, we’ll break down why we believe there’s just no better place on the planet to experience a vacation that’s both this luxurious and this authentic than right here in the center of the world. We will cover what makes Ecuador’s hospitality industry so desirable, a few perks you’ll have to look forward to on your luxury motorcycle trip, and we’ll even throw in some of our favorite locations along the way.

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Ecuador’s Boutique Hotels are Luxurious and Relatively Inexpensive

Unfortunately, a lot of travel plans revolve around some sort of compromise: Do we want to stay in the finest lodgings, complete with relaxing spas, sprawling swimming pools, and the most spacious rooms imaginable, or do we want to save that money for unique and rewarding adventures and experiences on our journey?

The beauty of adventure motorcycle travel in Ecuador is that you don’t have to compromise.

That’s because Ecuador is home to a network of incredible luxury accommodations that cost just a fraction of what you’d pay for similar lodgings in Europe or the United States. And when we say luxury, we mean luxury.

Consider one of Ecuador’s best-kept secrets, the Illa Experience Hotel, just for instance: Located in the heart of the iconic “artistic district” of Quito, those who know the Illa know it for its immaculate style, historic charm, attentive staff, and jaw-dropping local cuisine.

Its suites feature sweeping views, luxurious soaking tubs, artisan-crafted furniture, and a laundry list of first-class amenities like fine linen sheets, heated floors, and private mini-bars. The Illa has made Time Magazine’s list of the World’s Greatest Places, National Geographic’s Luxury Traveler Collection, and recently took home the Travvy award for the best luxury hotel in Central and South America for 2021.

Septimo Paraiso 001

The Views In Ecuador Can’t Be Beaten

Clean, comfortable accommodations are one thing, but we believe luxury motorcycle tours are all about the full experience. Ask yourself, which of the following experiences would you prefer:

  1. A quiet dip at the indoor pool of a first-class hotel in a busy metropolitan city


  1. Cannonballing into a heated outdoor pool surrounded by lush green mountains in every direction?

We don’t know about you, but we’re going with option B every time.

Anyone can stay in a Four Seasons hotel in a major city and enjoy a luxury travel experience. Not everyone can say they have stayed in a luxury hotel in the middle of the Choco Rainforest, or experienced fine dining in the remote high desert. Here in Ecuador, you’ll make memories your friends actually want to hear about.

room at the hacienda cusin in ecuador


Every Stay Here Has A Story

Every location along our luxury motorcycle tours of Ecuador is interwoven with the country’s rich history. You’ll find no cookie-cutter suites or hotels here. One night you may find yourself in a first-class hotel that’s been standing since the 1500s, packed wall-to-wall with historical and cultural significance. Another you may end the day’s trek surrounded by a working farm, eating a five-star meal prepared by professional chefs using fresh ingredients grown right outside the grounds.

Ecuador promises something new and exciting with each day. Exploring a working chocolate farm and enjoying a cup of the freshest cocoa you’ve ever tasted... Watching artisan workers crafting some of the most delicious cheeses on the planet... Taking in the majesty of a local condor sanctuary... These are the kinds of experiences we crave as travelers. Each one tied to the land, as unique as they are authentic.

motorcyclists making chocolate at hacienda la danesa in Ecuador

Luxury Motorcycle Tour Highlights: A Few Of Our Favorite Stays In Ecuador

We’ve been living and motorbiking in Ecuador for many years, scouting out the best restaurants, lodgings, swimming holes, and views that this beautiful country has to offer. While every stay along our luxury motorcycle tours like the Dirt Deluxe is as refined as it is bespoke, we can’t help but have a few favorite hotels and haciendas we always look forward to sharing with our clients.

Wait… What is a Hacienda?

Fair question, and it’s one we get asked a good bit. Ecuadorian “haciendas” get their name from the Spanish word for “estate,” which is what many of them were once upon a time.

That’s because back in the days of Spanish colonialism, many of the conquistadors who landed in present-day Ecuador back in the 1500s went on to become part of a wealthy land-owning class who built massive luxurious estates, or “haciendas,” around their various farms, plantations, and factories. As the country moved into the modern era and labor rights evolved, owners of these breathtaking properties were forced to sell or repurpose these large estates, which led many of them to be converted into exactly the kind of first-class accommodations you’ll experience on our luxury motorcycle tours.

hacienda zuleta bedroom

Hacienda Zuleta: The Mountain Valley Escape

Imagine waking in the morning after a long day of riding to views of rolling green hills on all sides and picturesque snowcapped mountains off in the distance: That’s Hacienda Zuleta.

How you spend your day here is up to you, but you’ll have no shortage of options to relax or explore after your day in the saddle riding some of the best roads South America has on offer. Still got enough wind in your sails to go explore the scenic countryside? Here you can do it on foot, on bicycle, or even on horseback. Or, if monkeybutt and fatigue have you craving something more sedentary, why not attend a cooking class with the local chef to learn to make Andean cuisine first hand?

Either way you’ll be treated to a farm-to-table three-course meal in the evening made from family recipes with ingredients pulled right off the farm: Freshwater fish from the nearby stream, hand-made cheeses from the ranch’s own dairy cows, fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden and surrounding forests… No two nights are the same.

After dinner, you’ll spend your evening winding down around a bonfire swapping stories with your tour mates while you listen to local musicians, sip wine, and sample cheeses.

master suite Ecuador

Tanusas Retreat: The Coastal Resort

Located smack dab on the beach overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Tanusas Retreat features a breathtaking variety of scenery blending jungle and coastline for a truly unique Ecuadorian experience.

As a hot spot for surfing, scuba-diving, snorkeling, and hiking, the day’s excitement doesn’t have to end after your ride. In terms of food, Tanusas is one of the most exciting stops on our luxury motorcycle tours: At its BocaValdiva restaurant, diners enjoy cuisine inspired by the ancestral pre-historic cultures of the land. Here chef Rodrigo Pacho serves up his unique blend of locally sourced seafood and fresh, sustainable ingredients from nearby communities for a dining experience like no other.

Guests even have the option of taking a walk with the chef himself through the surrounding area to learn where and how many of the natural ingredients are sourced. Once you’ve gathered what you need for your meal, it’s time to head back to BocaValdiva, where chef Pacho will teach you how to prepare the ingredients you’ve collected. It’s arguably the most authentic and unique dining experience you’ll ever have, and another great example of what makes luxury tours in Ecuador so much more than just a string of plush hotel rooms.

hacienda la danesa in ecuador luxury on a motorcycle tour

Hacienda La Danesa: The Essential Ecuadorian Hacienda

Nestled between the picturesque Andes mountains and Ecuadorian coastline, the Hacienda La Danesa sits on a historic family-owned estate known for producing handmade chocolates, honey, and even its own custom furniture.

Farm to table cuisine is as fresh here as it is authentic, with locally harvested fruits and vegetables adorning every mouthwatering plate we’ve had the pleasure of enjoying in La Danesa’s upscale Teca Terrace restaurant. It’s a well-deserved reward after a day on dirt or pavement, and one we always look forward to on our luxury adventure motorcycle tours.

The hacienda also offers a variety of experiences to enjoy during your stay from in-room massages to outdoor horseback riding or even a full-on beekeeping experience complete with honey tasting straight from the hive.


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