We're Still Small, Boutique, and as a Result - Extraordinary.

We were just two long-distance motorcycle adventurers wanting to share the feeling of freedom we felt on the road when we started Ecuador Freedom Bike Rental in 2009. At the time, Ecuador was not well-known by motorcyclists and where most transcontinental adventure riders zoomed through on their way to Alaska or Ushuaia. Over time, we've singlehandedly turned Ecuador into a top adventure-riding destination in South America. We will continue to do so as we welcome more and more riders from around the world.  While other multinational tour companies have discovered Ecuador and struggle to offer tours here, we remain focused. We concentrate on providing the best possible experience here as a small, boutique, local operator.


We call ourselves a "boutique operator" because we offer highly specialized services - focusing exclusively on providing the best possible experience in one single country. We know the word "boutique" may sound braggadocious, pretentious, or even expensive, but nothing could be further from the truth. So hang on while we explain why a "boutique operator" like us can uniquely offer you the best experiences in motorcycle adventure travel.
Being small and "Boutique" means we can spend more time focusing on people and building relationships. We have thousands of guided and self-guided tours in Ecuador under our belt. Returning to the same places many times, we've developed deep and meaningful relationships in the communities along our routes.  Our relationships with hoteliers, restauranteurs, artisans, and activity providers are not  "one-off" relationships; we are treated as friends and family wherever we go and - by extension - our riders benefit from these long-term relationships. These partners treat our riders like the VIPs they are. We've recently begun developing exclusive partnerships, allowing us to include hotels and activities that you won't get with other operators.
Being "boutique" provides an ability to pass down cost savings to our customers through focus and efficiency. We don't have to fly our guides around the world to scout out new places. We don't have to hire local "fixers" to ensure smooth operations here in Ecuador.  Since we live here year-round, we can offer our riders an experience that other companies try but cannot duplicate. Plus, we use our bikes and maintain and service them in-house with our mechanical staff.  We don't sell our tours through travel agencies and resellers - only directly to our riders - giving us a better relationship and communication from the start. All of this means we can spend more time and money on our customers. We can take them to the best hotels, the best restaurants, and provide them with the best equipment available without cutting corners to reach "optimal scalability."  What we do is just not scalable!
"Boutique" means we can offer a variety of tours to meet specific tastes and preferences, and not a "one-size-fits-all" tour of Ecuador.  Whether you like guided or self-guided offroad, dual-sport, all paved, luxury motorcycle tours, or even a women-only motorcycle tour, we have the motorcycle adventure for you.  We can also custom-tailor a ride, especially for you.  Or you can just rent a bike and do your own thing.  Whatever you decide to do, we will take the time to understand your riding style, goals, and interests. We make sure we exceed your expectations each time.
"Boutique" means we're a small company with a passionate focus. Ecuador Freedom has a team of local and international staff, bringing the best Ecuadorian, American, French, British, Canadian, German, and Lithuanian backgrounds and know-how together to create unique, tailor-made motorcycle travel experiences in Ecuador. We continuously re-invest in staff training to be knowledgeable, capable, and proficient in handling any situation that may arise.

"Boutique" above all means sharing and growing with our community. Ecuador Freedom supports multiple small businesses across Ecuador, and we don’t stop there. Ecuador Freedom Bike Rental has a long-running "Ride for Purpose" program where motorcycle travelers are encouraged to donate and deliver school supplies to remote, often cut-off communities throughout Ecuador. We have provided school supplies to thousands of students in need in remote classrooms across the country. We pioneered combining voluntary charitable work with exciting motorcycle tours. The company also funds students at the Algarrobos School in Canoa, helping them get a solid start in their academic pursuits. Freedom proudly supports the American Motorcycle Relief Project through donations of rides to rehabilitate veterans with severe PTSD.
We're proud to call ourselves a small, "boutique" motorcycle tour operator, and each happy customer and visitor reminds us why we started this business.


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